The Seven Vials

These are the Final Judgments of God against mankind.

Judgment Estimated Time since Peace Treaty Effect
First Vial 3 years 6 months Sores
Second Vial 4 years 2 months Seas become blood – all life in seas die.
Third Vial 4 years 10 months all fresh water becomes blood
Fourth Vial 5 years 4 months solar flare – heat wave
Fifth Vial 6 years blackness around the Antichrist’s capital city
Sixth Vial 6 years 8 months drying up of the Euphrates River
prior to seventh vial… 7th year Battle of Armageddon
Seventh Vial 7th year Massive earthquake, giant hail 60-100 lbs each
Glorious Appearing 7th year (all three events happen rapidly, in close succession) Jesus Christ and all the saved return with the Angels in glory. All Antichrist’s soldiers killed. Satan locked away for 1000 years, antichrist cast into Hell

In the chart, I’ve given estimated times since the peace treaty signing. These are estimates only. Don’t rely on these – they could get you killed! These are merely to give you ballpark estimates. These estimates probably are useless. War could break out the day after the signing of the peace treaty… or it could be a year later. Here’s a VERY HANDY RULE to go by:

RELY ON SCRIPTURE – NOT MAN’S OPINIONS! If you’d like the math formula, it’s below:

Bible > Man.