The Seven Trumpets

The Seven Trumpets finish out the first half of the Tribulation. The last 3.5 Hebrew years will be the time of the Vial judgments (φιάλη Phiale in Greek – mis-translated in modern Bibles as Bowls.) The Phiale is described as a broad shallow bowl – although the Bible dictionaries are quick to say the shape is unknown!

Judgment Estimated Time since peace Treaty Effect
First Trumpet 1 year 9 months hail, fire, blood, one third of vegetation burned
Second Trumpet 2 years seas turned to blood, one third of ocean life killed
Third Trumpet 2 years 3 months Fresh waters toxic
Fourth Trumpet 2 years 6 months sunlight dimmed to one third
Fifth Trumpet 2 years 9 months Demonic locust/scorpions
Sixth Trumpet 3 years 2 months demonic horsemen
Seventh Trumpet 3 years 6 months. end of Tribulation, beginning of Great Tribulation (lightnings, voices, earthquakes, hail)

In the chart, I’ve given estimated times since the peace treaty signing. These are estimates only. Don’t rely on these – they could get you killed! These are merely to give you ballpark estimates. These estimates probably are useless. War could break out the day after the signing of the peace treaty… or it could be a year later. Here’s a VERY HANDY RULE to go by:

RELY ON SCRIPTURE – NOT MAN’S OPINIONS! If you’d like the math formula, it’s below:

Bible > Man.