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Okay, lets’ say this happened already. Sadly, you’re not going to look in a phone book and call Philip Dean and say, “hey… uh… where you going to hide out?” I’m going to be GONE. You’re on your own.

You need a lot of stuff already. Food, money, water, weapons, first aid kit, bug out kit transportation, knives, matches and lighters, and lots of information. AS you’re packing your bug out stuff, be sure you’re printing out every page of this website!

When you order all your survival stuff, once you get it, pack it and be gone! For those before the tribulation, a survival closet is stupid. Load everything into crates, tubs, backpack, and have it READY. If you all have to leave in an emergency, have one person in your group digging out emergency supplies for you to put in your pockets.

There’s a lot of information here, and I plan on putting a lot more information on before the Rapture, which hopefully will be delayed by the Lord long enough for me to add things on here.

Get the items in the bug out bag list. I’d be in a hurry, myself. If you don’t believe this, then of course you’re going to disbelieve this until you hit the major events of the Tribulation – not the least of which is when they insist everyone take an identification mark.

You probably won’t believe even then. Until they make it mandatory, punishable by death.

Are you willing to take this risk? I wouldn’t. If you take the mark, it is a one way street, and no more hope for you.

Ready to quit asking silly questions? Get moving. Hopefully some churches obeyed what I asked, and made some Tribulation survival kits. If not… you’d better grab what money you have, and buy, buy, buy! Don’t worry about your credit – the world as you know it is about to end. And in 7 years, the Battle of Armageddon will take place… and you won’t need to worry about it any more.

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