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Let’s just say you’re trying to help people out, and accumulate a large assortment of survival items. I recommend this as a matter of good survival anyway, as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods are a part of daily living – sadly. The stuff you buy for yourself to make it through these things will help those left behind.

When it comes to Survival items, keep this in mind: “Two is one, one is none.” It makes dollar sense to buy one compass, have to bug out of town because a vocano starts erupting out of your neighbor’s yard, and the next morning you can’t find your compass.  That’s why I’ve got two or three of some things listed.

Fire Sticks


Fire Starter

 Medical Kit

2 week survival food supply

Folding Saw


Battery Powered Lantern

Gerber Multitool

 Boot Knife

Folding Shovel

Ax / Hatchet


Folding Knife


Small first aid Kit

Five Day Food Supply

Life Straw

Magnesium Fire Stick  or Cheaper Magnesium Stick


Wayfaring package  Yes, I know there’s already a compass. But they’re cheap, it’s small, and it’s going to be WAY easy to lose it!

Survival Stove

Fuel Tablets for Survival Stove

Heat Reflective  “Tent”  Please be aware – this is not a “Tent”. It’s something you can actually put in a tent on danger-cold nights to help your body heat keep you alive.

Thermal Bivvy Sack  Because “sleeping Bag” doesn’t sound Military enough!

Bug Out Bag  With pre-packaged stuff! Again, some of this stuff

Learn & Live cards


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