Rules For Conflict

How to survive conflict should it happen. This is going to be info on how to survive when everything falls apart, life or death conflict. Grizzly bears notwithstanding, there will be people out there who see no need to prep. They’re going to let you do all the work, make the base camp… then they’re going to come take it.

Again, this is about life and death conflict. This is not about having an argument. This is not about two men throwing punches at each other. This is about “if you don’t fight, you are going to die.”


You have to decide for yourself if the Bible allows for the defense of your life. I am not going to ask you to do anything that is contrary to your beliefs. As I understand the issue, the Bible allows men to defend their lives. Many chose the path of no resistance during the age of the Apostles, and went to their deaths. That is up to you.

However, after the opening of the second seal, the Antichrist is now at war. And Revelation 13:7 states:

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. Revelation 13:7 (KJV) 

That means this war is also with the believers in Jesus Christ.

There is no record whatsoever of any believer fighting an offensive war… rather, the believers will be in hiding. and if fighting at all, it will be a defensive war.

Furthermore, there will be battling at Armageddon, and Christians will be fighting there alongside Jewish believers. And the armies of the Lord return with Him… and He will be actively killing His enemies.

I suggest that the Tribulation is a transition time to the final dispensation. During this time, I believe it is Biblically acceptable to fight to defend your life, and the lives of others.

As I’ve mentioned, there are people who prepare for disasters… and there’s outlaws who have no intention of prepping. Why should they? You prepped, and all they have to do to get survival tools, supplies, and camps, is to kill you and take what is yours. And they will take everything they want.

That’s going to happen in the Tribulation. It has to be discussed with everyone in your group, prayed over, studied in the Scriptures, and unanimous among all.

Rule 1: When it is time to fight, the violence must be brought immediately.

The natural inclination of anyone in a very bad situation is to think, “this can’t be happening!” Well, it is. Someone puts their hands on you, they’re not meaning to give you a hug. Don’t be surprised if they strike you.

The Cold Feeling of “DANGER”

If you get that cold feeling, go with it. Things are about to go bad. more people are killed each year trying to ignore that safety device.

If someone is giving you that cold feeling, if they’re acting hostile, walking toward you with fists clenched… why would they? Can you give me a rational idea why they would do that? It’s the same old scenario that so many people have witnessed, and many lived through… but some did not.

Danger Signs

You’re walking at night, and someone is moving towards you with a hand in their pocket.

Why would they walk towards you? People have space issues.Watch sometime how people normally walk down the street. When they’re walking alone or even with friends, they’re going towards their target destination. If they’re walking right at you, then you are their target destination.

I’ll give you a head’s up – I never walk right at people unless I plan on interacting with them. People naturally call out or gesture to people. If their body language is suggesting they’re not walking to talk to you, but they’re heading right to you… warning warning warning! THEY’RE NOT PLANNING ON TALKING TO YOU!

Hands in the pocket are either an example of cold… or they’re gripping something. As people get psyched up for violence, they engage in what’s called target glancing… they’re looking at the part of you that they plan to attack. If someone’s making eye contact with you and they keep looking at your midsection or chin, they’re about to attack you.

Midsection can be a knife. Get distance. If they move forward, raise your hands up towards your collarbone, and advise them in a calm voice to keep their distance. If they move forward again, the intentions are clear…


If you have a weapon, be ready. If you’re bare handed, here’s what a simple truth is… they’re psyched to attack you. They’re expecting to hit, kick, hurt, stab and knock you to the ground, where they can kill you.

If they move quickly towards you, move quicker towards them, or away to get distance, and produce a weapon. Either way, make that first two seconds of encounter as ugly as possible for them. Israeli troops respond to aggression by hitting the face with first or elbow if they’ve closed that much, then kicking them in the groin several times to gain distance.

Western men are used to the thought of punching with the bare fist, but have never practiced making one. Your fist needs to be TIGHT. If the fingers are loose, you’re going to get a boxer’s fracture, which is a small crack in the bones of your hand.

When the violence happens, there’s no time for thinking, wishing this wasn’t happening. the operative words are BRING IT.

Targets are eyes, throat, groin, shin. Remember this by the mnemonic “Escape TGain Safety”.

“But I don’t want to hurt them.”

I know. But they want to kill you. We’re long past the point of wishing at this point. If you tell someone to keep their distance and they refuse, ok… they intend harm. Bring the violence, escalate it unless they break away… and be prepared to draw a weapon, as that’s probably the reason they’re making a break for it. When things go bad, there’s no time for wishing. It’s time for immediate action. Strike the target until the target goes away. If someone breaks away, assume they’re going for a weapon, unless they head for the hills. And even then, expect them to come back with a weapon, or more help.

Eye gouge. It’s simple. Stick your fingers in his eyes if he’s that close.

Throat. This can be attacked by a leopard paw (knuckle punch… your secondary knuckles should be extended, fingertips against the undersides of your fingers), or tiger claw. Ask every kid how to do a tiger claw. Yes, they’ve got it right. slam the palm of your hand against the windpipe, and close your fingers on that windpipe. Remember, you’re in a fight for your life. If you do this, the person you hit is not going to survive without critical medical attention.

Groin. You can kick, or simply do the “cash register”. The cash register is simply reaching underneath, grasping, and yanking forward. Unless they’re wearing tight jeans, they’re going to drop to the ground pretty quickly.

Other attacks is if you’re forced on one knee, to hit upwards with an uppercut. Knee strikes are another option. The difference between the way westerners do it and Israelis is – Americans do it once and step back. the Israeli thinks in terms of doing it as long as the person is still in front of them. Keep hitting, keep kicking until they move. Remember, if they can break away, it’s not automatically over unless they run. Even then, expect them to return shortly with others or weapon.

Shin. In Thai culture, fighters thought of the shin as a primary target. kicking with your heels against their shin will get their attention. Ever run up a flight of steps and slip? Yup. That feeling.

If they produce a gun, shoot them. Do whatever it takes. The gun immediately demands lethal response, no hesitation.

If they produce a knife and they’re closer than 25 feet, it’s lethal. Shoot.You’ll be surprised how quickly someone can run at you with a knife. Most people cannot react quickly enough to draw a gun, aim and fire before that person has stabbed you.

Another response to the knife is the club – hit their outstretched arm until it is at the wrong angle. Hit their head. Alternate between the arm and the head. Understand if they produce a knife, guaranteed – you’re going to be cut at least once. Killing with the knife is done by doing damage to a vital organ, or by making enough holes that you bleed to death. So hit them with a club enough times that they’re lying motionless on the ground. Beginners to knife fighting assume that if they stab you once, you’ll fall down and die. If they do that, hey, good. You can probably survive the one cut. You’ll need medical help soon, but it’s probably survivable.

The scary ones are the ones who know how to knife fight. Once they stab, chop or slash you, that’s not the end – they will keep doing it until you’ve bled out. When you see the knife, assume the worst, and that this is a fight for your life. REMINDER – THE INFO ON THIS WEBSITE IS INTENDED FOR SURVIVING THE TRIBULATION – IF YOU ARE TRULY IN AN EMERGENCY BEFORE THE TRIBULATION, CALL 911.

There’s many, many responses to violence. Every response must be violence – or a passive bowing of the head to allow them to kill you. Those are your two options.

Rule 2 – secure every weapon

I am often surprised how simple this concept is. You end up in a fight for your life, and you leave the assailant lying on the ground next to his weapon. Well, if he gets up, you’re going to be in exactly the same situation he was – surprised and unready. He thought he had an easy victim, and you injured him. Now he’s going to kill you, and you thought you had an out of commission attacker.

Or his friend. Where there’s one, there’s two. And now his friend is retrieving that weapon to use on you. Why do we do this? We’ve seen too many movies and TV shows. Dramatics belong in Hollywood. That scene where the hero drops the gun in remorse? In real life, he’d be the next casualty.

If you are attacked by one man, assume he’s got a friend. If you take out threat one, grab his weapon. An additional point is that You may end up running out of ammo in a firefight, and grabbing that extra gun or knife will help you survive when you run low or out of ammo.

Rule Three – Always anticipate another weapon.

For some reason, bad guys just fester to carry every weapon they can find. If you’ve got a gun and a knife, he’s got two guns and two knives. There was a police encounter years ago where the officer confronted a man showing all the pre-assault indicators… raising voice, whites of his eyes showing, target glancing, belligerent attitude, constantly advancing. The officer told the man to stay back, the man responded he had a knife. The officer charged the man… and the man shot him. He never mentioned the gun. If there’s one, there’s another.

don’t worry, the police officer won.

Rule Four – always anticipate another attacker.

Bad news if you get into a shoot-out, and you sit down and begin crying afterwards… only to be shot at. Maintain that level of readiness, until enough time has passed that it’s clear that this was it. Then wait twice as long, as during times of violent encounters, two seconds can seem like an eternity. Time seems to slow down.

The time for regret and crying is afterwards… much afterwards.

For some reason, bad guys almost never attack alone. And in situations like a “taker”, they’d have to be phenomenally stupid to attempt to take a camp full of six to a dozen people by themselves.

I’m going to tell you, if I was a bad guy, I wouldn’t attack a party of six unless I had three. I’d approach with one other, and have the third circling up from behind. Well, maybe I saw too many westerns growing up – My dad was a John Wayne fan. That was the pattern they always used.

more coming soon…

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