Rifles are something I don’t really have a lot of experience with. I can think of about a dozen I’d like to own, because I’m a trained shooter and well, you get that mindset.

Why do you need a rifle?

That’s why. Shoot at that with a handgun. You’re just going to really make him angry before he tears you to pieces.

Notice how the skull slopes back? If you did get a head shot, the skull slopes back so that a light round will literally bounce off. Most of that skull is jaw bone and big, mean teeth. That means most shots at this animal are going to either hit the forehead and bounce…. or smack into the mouth and nose. That’s a LOT of bone protecting the brain.

A handgun is not going to do it. Smith & Wesson sells a handgun for people that live in Grizzly Bear territory… it’s .50 cal. That’s a big round. I’d prefer, if I found myself face to face with a big, mean Grizzly, to have a rifle. Below are some of the contenders.

Cartridge sizes

Take a look at that chart, and imagine facing a Grizzly bear charging at you. Now shoot him with the 9mm round (3rd from the left). The 9mm is not going to save you. A .45 might, but I’m not going to try it unless I absolutely had to. The .44 Magnum is not enough to stop a Grizzly, according to some Alaskans.

Be advised, if you confront a Black Bear on the trail…. Shout “BOO!!!!” and make sure you sit down right after that, so you don’t fall down from laughing. Better yet, just ignore him. He’s FAR more scared of you than of him. There are far more cases of humans killing black bears than black bears killing humans.

 AK-47 – Caliber 7.62mmX39


Propaganda from Leftists say things like, “nobody needs an AK-47”. Well, if you’re planning on running to areas where I’ve talked about, up north, yes, there are two animals I’d be hesitant to defend my life against with anything else. The bull Moose and the Grizzly Bear are whopping 500 pound monsters, and both are very dangerous certain times of year. Men who know Grizzly bears laugh at men who carry .44 Magnum handguns to defend against bears. The .44 is powerful, but against a bear, whose skull is a big, massive block of bone, and whose body is rolling fur, fat and muscle – yeah, you need an AK. You don’t need full auto – the truth is that with full auto on anything except a battlefield, full auto means you’re hitting with two shots and missing with the next 22.

I’d recommend an AK simply because, well, they were designed for people who would rarely clean them. They were designed to be handed out to unskilled men to shoot, and still work. You can bury them in dirt, leave them, dig them up again, and they still fire. The corrosive elements of the earth do more damage to the round in the chamber than to the weapon!

In addition, when you escape from your country of origin and head to Petra, you’ll need it for the eventual defense of Jerusalem – so an AK is a good option.

If some of you get the AK, a couple others should look into an AR-15. Odds are, probably someone in your party will already have one.

The AK is not really a weapon for long distance shooting. Stock AK’s do not come with good sights, so you’ll have to replace them. Fortunately, they’re not expensive.

Experts who’ve reviewed all the various semi-automatic rifles have all said that if given the choice of only one rifle in a survival situation, it would be the AK.

AR-15 – 5.56mm Caliber

AR-15 Bushmaster

the AR-15 is a better and more accurate weapon.

The rate of fire is faster in single round action than the AK, and far more accurate, but the trade-off is it is a smaller round. More accurate, but when shooting a charging grizzly bear, you’re gonna need every shot you can get off as quickly as you can. While the AK you can shoot the bear anywhere, with the AR-15, I’d spend time shooting at the shoulders  and neck of the grizzly. This way the rounds enter in the collarbone area. AR-15 bullets do ugly things inside a target, whereas the 7.62mm round of the AK just punches big ugly holes. If you can get the AR-15 rounds inside the bear’s body, they’ll tumble him to the ground probably right at your feet.





M1 Garand – 30.06 Springfield round

M1 Garand

Last but not least, the M1 Garand.

M1 Field Manual M1 operations manual

This gun fires a big round. It’s measured in American caliber, and not European, so it doesn’t sound as threatening. But trust me – the M1 shoots a big, bear stopper round. Look at the cartridge chart above – it’s the big thing all the way on the left. Compare that to the AK round, right in the middle of the chart. You can do headshots on Mr. Grizzy and he’s going to drop at your feet – if not sooner. The drawback is the 8 round clip… you need to hit Mr. Brown Bear each time to drop him. The rate of fire is good, and your heart will drop when you hear “PING!!!!” as that clip ejects. But trust me! Those 8 rounds will stop Mr Bear nicely, if you hit him in the right spots. Like, almost anywhere.

Loading The M1

A note about Grizzly bears from what I’ve heard – if you hurt Mr. Bear and he thinks he’s going to die, he’ll charge to take you out. So if you are in a “shoot/no shoot” situation with a Brown Bear, keep shooting till he’s down. Remember, all this advice is only for Tribulation survival. If you decide in peace time prior to the Rapture to go bear hunting and get mauled, it’s your own fault and you’re a dummy. The first word of the title of this web site is “SURVIVING”. If you’re not in survival mode, don’t shoot bears. It wasn’t too long ago they were an endangered species. And most of them actually in this day and age think of humans as, “They kill us, and we just want to like them.” Contact a bear expert, and they’ll probably tell us the same thing. Most encounters with bears in this day and age are very harmless. In the Tribulation, animals will begin attacking people/

During the Tribulation, everything changes. Christians too will be an endangered species.

2815 2920 4.67 2.494 2.19
2815 2920 4.67 2.494 2.19

Which weapon would I have if the rapture was going to be pre-wrath? Well, it’s not, but if I knew I had to head off to the wild to hide out and survive, you better believe I’d have all three. And plenty of ammo for all of them.

Shooting the M1

Attaching the Sling

How to use the sling

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