Mobility will be crucial to surviving the Tribulation. For instance, let’s say you find a perfect spot on, let’s say, Fiji. Well, there’s going to be some crucial times to be AWAY from Fiji. Revelation 6:14 records an earthquake during the 6th Seal that is massive, and moves Islands out of their places.

Sounds laughable? There’s been a couple of earthquakes since 2000 that have done that to a minor degree. And let’s not forget the Christmas earthquake that created a killer tsunami. This one sounds bigger.

And you definitely want to be on a continent for the 7th Vial judgment – that one will feature a bigger earthquake. Mountains will be leveled, and Islands broken up.

The first trumpet Judgment features wildfires. I would not want to be living in a forest or in a heavily wooded area. Like the Canadian North. BAD spot to be.

During the 4th Vial, the earth will suffer massive heatwaves. Not a good idea to be living in Death Valley in the US, where in normal years the heat can reach 130 degrees.

Where should you go? Anyplace where people normally are not. People don’t normally go places where it’s hard to survive.

I can’t give a list of locations. I’ve hinted strongly at some locations. But if the antichrist’s enforcers (whatever you want to call them…) find this web site and I give a list of locations – well then, they can follow the list too.

This might be a time for some Bible studyHe who hath ears, let him hear.

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