How To Pack

the one detail that often is missed in a lot of prepping or preparing websites and blogs is – how to pack.

Civilians and military can be given the same amount of equipment to pack, but most military can get those items into a smaller bundle. Why? They’ve been taught how to pack. And getting it wrong usually meant pushups, squats, mountain climbers, etc.

lay out pants, shirt, underwear, etc. Simply roll from the bottom up! You can now stack 7-10 pairs of pants, shirts, socks and underwear into a range bag. If you’re not used to that designation, it’s a medium sized bag that you carry to a shooting range. If you have another bag available, I just about guarantee you can get this all into it. It might be tight in a gym bag, but you might be able to get it all in there.

For socks, those are even easier. You simply place both socks together, and pull the toe portion inside until it forms a small tube. Seven to ten pairs can fir inside a small area.

One reason I recommended those “one year’s worth of food” packs – albeit from three or four manufacturers – is to make sure that most of the packs are exactly the same size. Remember, all the advice I have given is best case scenario, and many, many people will find themselves unable to prep, and just having to flee out the door with just about what they’ve got on their backs!

If most of the packs are the same size, they’ll fit together nicely. Any area in your plastic tubs that is open needs to be crammed with something. This will keep boxes from moving or getting crushed. Many of the one-year supplies of food often come automatically in plastic tubs anyway, which makes it easier. It’s a lot easier to grab everything and go if everything is packed in containers.

The idea is, look through your items LONG beforehand, and try to imagine your first day needs. What will you absolutely need on your person, and what can be packed? If it can be packed, spend some time loading your plastic tubs and bags. treat it like a puzzle. How much can I cram in here without breaking things? Will it be too heavy to lift comfortably? (Remember the 50’s I talked about at the beginning of this? You’re doing them, right?)

Flashlights and multitools fit nicely inside everything. Remember those socks I told you how to roll up into tubes? They can store breakable things – like flashlights., without increasing their bulk.

Water. Water is the bugaboo. I’m going to do an entire post just on water, but the issue is, you need it to survive and it’s the biggest headache you’ve got. I’d planned on telling everyone how many 5 gallon containers they’d need per person, but the issue is… it multiplied DRASTICALLY the size and weight of everything you need to carry.

I’ll give you the shorthand formula right now… 1G*(P*D)=survive. 1 gallon per person per day. A single 7 gallon container will supply a single person for a week.

Ever pick those things up? They’re 56 lbs or so. 56 pounds of weight per person per week. A party of 8 people means 448 pounds, just for one week of water. That’s like adding the weight of two extra people, and water is VERY bulky. A one week supply of water is one third the size of a person, and the containers do not stack. For some reason, bottled water manufacturers do not think to package water in square containers, but rectangles with heavily rounded edges.

The realistic answer is that you should grab 3-7 DAYS worth of water, and be prepared to harvest water immediately. Consider your backup supply of water just that… emergency water.

3 one gallon bottles of water per person is a lot more realistic, but understand you’re going to be needing to get on water harvesting RIGHT AWAY. While one or two people set up base camp and another makes the fire, a fourth should be getting the water harvesting done IMMEDIATELY.

One thing I want to emphasize. This all assumes best case scenario. The Rapture just happened, you’re looking for answers, and you’ve got perhaps 3 months (it’s an assumption, remember – the Book of Revelation does not explain how long most judgments last for…) to practice and learn your skills.

It’s my belief that this is why the Lord has caused so many Christians to stockpile, and why there’s a rash of survival and prepping TV shows on. This is literally the stockpiling for other people to use, and the dissemination of information for people to learn how to survive as long as possible.

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