Help Them Out!

If you’re finding this page AFTER the Rapture, click over to another page. This one isn’t for you. It’s for the Christians God led to this website before the Rapture.

You all know you have the luxury of getting Raptured. There will be millions of believers who will come to faith during the Tribulation.

They’re going to need help. Set aside a dollar or two every paycheck. Buy survival items, extra food stuffs. Water in bulk. Compasses, binoculars, glowsticks, knives, Batteries. Can openers. There’s NOTHING funny about leaving a bulk block of survival foods for someone, they grab the stash and go, and in the middle of the wilderness somewhere open it and find that… they can’t open the supplies. They go into a nearby city to find a can opener, and get caught by the Antichrist’s forces. Death results. That’s going to be an embarrassing meeting in heaven. “Um… sorry about the can opener.”

Start looking in the survival tools list and start prepping. You may or may not need these items prior to the Rapture. But ALL of the believers in the Trib will DESPERATELY need these items.

Maybe find a spare room in your local church, and start storing these items.

I’m going to make this entire website available as a PDF once it’s complete. Put this on a flash drive, or better yet, print it out, put it in binders, and put it with the survival items.

If an entire church cooperates on this, it will help to accumulate stockpiles quickly. Perishable things must be consumed and restocked. Someone at the church will have to be tasked with checking expiration dates once a month. Items that are close need to be moved into the food pantry – and restocked. List the items needed in the church bulletin.

You should also be doing this in your own homes. Remember, we may be looking at a one-to-one ratio or even one-to-two ratio of saved people AFTER the tribulation! That means we may possibly be looking at two Christians AFTER the Rapture for every one that went up. Scripture simply doesn’t tell us how many there will be!

Let’s help them out.

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