Food. How much food do you need a day to survive? 800 to 1200 calories a day. That’s it.

I’ve seen where a 20 gallon container of canola oil, 20 lbs of flour and 100 cans of tuna are all you need to survive a pandemic. Good, because there’s one of those right out of the gate in the Great Tribulation (3rd seal).

I read where one family put together a menu for survival dinners. That’s kind of missing the point? I’m sure for a weekend away from home due to hurricane and they have small children, that’s fine. But you can’t plan out 3.5 years of menus! (I’m sure I could, but it seems like a big waste of time. “We’re on day 706, what’s for dinner tonight?” “Tuna in flour cooked in canola oil.” “Yummy.”

The idea is, collect and store inexpensive foods with long shelf lives. Now, that doesn’t mean live off twinkies! Although that fits the bill.

Now, buying 20 days worth of food (or even 3.5 years worth of food…) is expensive. Most of us don’t make that kind of money. So, what you can do is buy an extra can or two of food a week. Remember, if the Christians went up in the Rapture this morning, you probably have 3.5 years to stockpile your supplies. I say probably, because the Scripture technically does not have explicit dates. I’d try to plan on… you have seven months. That way, anything beyond that is plush time.

This list comes courtesy of another website. I’ll have my own list shortly. I think some of the things on this list are a little bit gravy. We’re talking survival. Whether an oil is poly-unsaturated or not is no cause to reject it! You need oil to cook some things. If it’s peanut oil, canola oil, vegetable oil – no worries, you need oil. Remember, this is intended for people trying to survive the tribulation. This will be only trying to survive seven years. Forget health complications – you’re trying to live SEVEN YEARS. After that, it doesn’t matter what kind of cholesterol you have – if you got saved, you’ll get a glorified body at some point. If you refuse to get saved, then it won’t matter how much cholesterol you had while you burn in Hell. My advice – get saved, and get saved NOW.

things like:

Canned Fruits

Canned Veggies

bags of flower

canola or vegetable oil



Dried Potatoes

Dried Milk (whole milk in ethnic aisles or stores)

Oats / Grits

Dried Pasta

Long grain rice

Cornstarch (gravies, stir-fry)

Peanut Butter (versatile ingredient for a variety of dishes and snacks)

Peanut Oil (or other, preferably not corn oil)

Spices (pepper, rosemary, oregano, cayenne, etc.)

Baking Soda

Baking Powder

Sugar / Honey / Molasses

Dried Beans (pinto, lentils, split pea, etc.)

Canned Meat (chicken, beef, tuna)

Canned Fish (salmon, sardines, etc.)

Canned Veggies (potatoes, peas, carrots, spinach greens, corn, etc.)

Canned Pumpkin (another versatile ingredient for veggie or desserts)


Kelp Tablets (and other vitamin / mineral supplements)

Charcoal Tablets (for food poisoning)

Sea Salt (with iodine! The best (healthiest) sea salt is unprocessed and should be a greyish color from the minerals still in it)


Popcorn (bagged unpopped, not microwave)

Dried Fruit

Mixed Nuts (good source of oils)

Hard Candies (m&ms, lifesavers, mints, etc. – avoid ones that melt easily)

Mini chocolates

Coffee / Tea / hot cocoa mix

No-frills corn (tortilla) chips

Tip: Use meats (canned or otherwise) as a flavoring, not the main dish. Adding a bit of beef to a main dish of potatoes helps the meat go toward several meals. Cooking with bacon grease can add meat flavor to meals as well. Using the stock water from the canned meats can add flavor to soups, gravies, etc. Learn how to make gravies and sauces from scratch – they add a lot to any meal, and cost very little!

Look for #10 cans of fruits and vegetables to save money, and make transporting all this easier.

Always look at the dented cans assortment to save even more.

Special thanks to Daniel Valles for this list.

Now the idea is to live. If you have to buy the unhealthier stuff that Daniel Valles doesn’t recommend, do it. Better to have a big supply of foods to survive than have not enough because something wasn’t a healthy choice.

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