Fitness and Readiness

One of the major things you’re all going to need to work on (I’ve mentioned before you need to assemble a group, right? Survival by yourself means nobody will be around to bury you…) is physical fitness.

Why? Because you’re going to do some very physical things, and surviving harsh conditions is much more difficult if you don’t have endurance and strength.

I’m getting an average of 3 to 4 months between judgments, assuming 7 years divided by 21 judgments. Again, as I’ve repeatedly taken pains to emphasize, there is almost no timetable given in the Bible. One judgment is given to last 5 months, so there’s no real guarantee you’ve got 90 days.

How much to get fit? You need just 50 days to get soldier fit.

Training for World War II, (which we tend arrogantly to look back on and laugh at now – I would say this is a grave error to do so), these are the minimum standards that the men must be capable of.

Run  a  quarter  mile–87  seconds.

Walk two miles – 23 minutes

Pullups – 6

pushups – 20

Those were minimum standards. Let’s talk about some exercises to get you fit.

You’re going to start with ten reps of every exercise. Every day, you’ll add one. The idea is you get to 50 reps at the end of 50 days. Do you have to do this?

No. You can just die in the wild somewhere. This gets a LOT easier when you’re fit. Because your Exodus is going to require a great deal of physical endurance just to get all your supplies to base camp, then set up base camp as quickly as possible.

Here’s your list of exercises.

  1. 8 point bodybuilders
  2. pushups
  3. situps
  4. 4 count jumping jacks
  5. leg spreads
  6. flutter kicks
  7. Squats

The primary exercise is the 8-point bodybuilder.

  1. Drop into crouch
  2. kick legs back
  3. push down
  4. push up
  5. spread legs
  6. bring legs together
  7. up to crouch
  8. stand up

That’s one repetition.


I like to encourage people to do them military style. Some lays out on the ground, arm outstretched forming a fist. You lower yourself with a straight back until your chest touches the fist, then push up until your arms lock.

The count is down “1” Up “2” down “3” Up “1”. On the last “up” the number changes for your count. This is called a 4 count exercise. “1,2,3, One 1,2,3, Two 1,2,3,Three 1,2,3, Four 1,2,3, Five” etc

Ten reps. Go.


Experts now say that situps should never be done with your shoulders all the way on the ground, as it can do damage to a bulging disc in your spine if you have one. And if you don’t now, after enough situps, you will.

So, place a pillow on the floor under your shoulders, and hook your feet under something. Sit up, tap your elbows on your knees, back. That’s one.

Gimme ten right now.

4 count jumping jacks

I’ve already explained the 4 count system, you’re just going to do jumping jacks. One day I was trying to do my assigned workout at home, when it hit me that the intensity of the exercise was completely up to me. After a couple of days of slamming through rapid 4 count jumping jacks, I found I was outrunning everyone on a 4 mile sprint. I’m not kidding – it was only two days hammering out 4 count jumping jacks at an intense pace.

Don’t discount jumping jacks! Let me get 10 right now.

 Leg Spreads

Lie on your back. Lift your legs up 6 inches off the ground. spread your legs, bring them back. Do not let them down. These are 4 count, by the way. 10 of them.

Flutter kicks

These too are 4 count. keep your legs up six inches from the ground after the last exercise. lift left foot, bring it back, right foot, left foot, right foot. That’s one rep.  nine more, hurry up.

Squats (also called oompa-loompas)

Simple enough. I don’t need to explain it. You should make sure your squat is deep. These are a major source of endurance, and weight loss.

If you get up to 50 reps of everything, you can drop to 40-45 a day to maintain.

Now, if you REALLY get strong at it, add a kick. Squat, come up kick left, squat, come up kick right etc.

Fitness is completely up to you. You can get amazingly fit amazingly fast this way.

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