First Aid

One crucial area we need to deal with is first aid. People are going to be injured and killed in the Tribulation. the Bible prophecies that by the time of Christ’s return, men will be rarer than gold. In the Tribulation, the world population will end up one sixth of what it was at the beginning. And I have no idea how many will die from starvation, dehydration, burns, and in the Battle of Armageddon. So let’s look at likely scenarios and how to treat those. Some will seem remarkably simple to treat.




Give water.

Earthquakes & Bleeding

from Earthquakes, we’ll see serious blunt force trauma. When the ground shakes, things fall, sometimes on people. Remember all the advice I am giving here is intended for surviving the Tribulation! If this happens before the tribulation, call your local emergency number – in the US, that’s 911. Any use before the Tribulation is at your own risk, and I am not liable. I am trained in first aid, but not a doctor – I can only give emergency advice.

Your first priority is – is the scene safe? Humans have a funny blind spot – we almost never look up. That I learned at a young age from a game of hide and go seek, when someone hid in a tree, and I never found them even though I ran past them a hundred times.

LOOK UP! See if there’s a large something about to fall on you!

Next, approach the injured person. If they’re pinned, you need to get help. Leverage is something to keep in mind. If you need to lift something heavy, you need a pole and an object to rest it on.  That’s the lever-fulcrum thing we learned about as kids. Remember Archimedes’ principle? “Give me a lever long enough, and I can move the world!” Well, not exactly… the pole can break if it’s not thick enough.

Another way to lift things is rope. In this case the rope goes over the fulcrum… like a peg in the wall or some kind of overhead beam. Get the ropes under the fallen object, loop it around the beam, and start moving backwards until the object (like the wall) is lifted.

Remember, most walls in the US are made of dry wall, which is fragile. donkey kicks can shatter dry wall, and reduce a long, large wall into a 6 foot chunk.

To do a donkey kick:

turn your back to the object you’re about to kick. look BACK at the object you’re going to kick. Stiffen one leg as a kicking leg. Think of your hips as pivoting on an axis, lift the foot of the stiffened leg, and TURN YOUR HIPS RAPIDLY! Now your entire body will pivot, but if I say “turn your body”, you’re going to focus on your trunk or shoulders.  AS you turn your hips, STOMP against the object. It’s AMAZING how much force this generates. You have enough power to shatter damaged drywall with a single kick – and by “You” i’m saying, even if you’re an 89 pound 89 year old grandmother!

Now, once the injured person is freed, your biggest problem is bleeding. Bleeding must be stopped, and quickly. Direct pressure applied with torn cloth will stop heavy bleeding. If it’s not life threatening bleeding, direct pressure will stop it for sure in 10-15 minutes or so. Yes, that means you have to press hard and hold for up to 20 minutes.

for life threatening injuries…


First, don’t panic. The time you waste panicking can let someone bleed to death. wrap something around the injury, like torn cloth. Get a pencil or screwdriver, or even a long branch, and a shoelace. Loop the shoelace around one end of the screwdriver/pencil and pull the string around the injured limb. Now loop the other end of the shoelace around the injury/torn cloth padding. Finally, the last part should be tied around the pencil/screwdriver. Begin turning  the pencil slowly until it compresses the wrapping around the injury, and then tie the pencil/screwdriver/twig in place, or insert it into a torn or cut hole in the pad.

It’s going to hurt. Sorry about this. It’s ironic that to help someone who’s in a life threatening situation, you often have to hurt them to help them.

broken bones

My favorite device is an Israeli flexi splint. If you didn’t pack one, then man, I’m really sorry. We have to go to option B. Anything can be used. Simply place a flat board along the injured limb. Make sure you pad that board  with cloth or newspaper! You’re going to be tying it in place, and that’s going to hurt after a few minutes!

Now take anything you can tie, and tie it into place. If it’s a hand, make sure the fingers go over the splint board. If you’re improvising it with branches, try to put a flat rock in the person’s hand to keep the fingers immobilized and tie it to the splint and the hand.

You can even use newspaper or a magazine for splinting materials. Yes, we finally may have a use for Charisma magazine, if you don’t own a parakeet! torn cloth or shoelaces work wonders to tie it on.


Several times during the Tribulation, there’s going to be fires. People will get burned. This is one time where there’s not a lot of options if you didn’t grab a first aid kit. You’re going to need gauze, silvadene creme, and anything to reduce the heat to the injured body part. Ice and water goes a long way. Get the person in water if its major body burns. If you’re hiding in the wild, you’re in trouble if its major burns, because infection will set in quickly. That’s why you need gauze and silvadene creme. I’ve been burned once, and silvadene was just amazing. Suddenly the pain was GONE. I don’t know of any natural substitutes for it. But your basic options are – reduce the heat to the body parrt immediately with ice or water – or iced water in a plastic bottle or bag. apply to the burn to reduce heat. Let’s stop the damage.

Next, apply a burn creme and bandage the burned area with clean gauze. Get help. If you’re hiding out from the Antichrist, this will be out of the question. The victim may not make it if its major burns over a large area of the body.

You’ll need to start washing the injured area within a day or two to prevent injury. It has to be clean water – filter stream water as if you’re going to drink it.

Eye Trauma.

Eye trauma is nasty. Again, don’t panic. You’re going to need help beyond what I can give. For items like a stick in the eye, here’s the solution – cut a hole in a styro cup, and place it over the injury. tape it in place. Now, cover the other eye. Why? Can you move one eye at a time? no? then cover both eyes.

Locust Stings

Let me explain. Some backwoods guy is going to snort in his abundant beard, and say.. “What are you talking about? locusts don’t sting!” Well, in the tribulation… they will. And it’s going to hurt, somewhere on the level of an Australian Box Jellyfish. It’s painful to say the least. There’s not going to be any way to stop the pain. first, witness to the person stung. Get them saved. The stings are only to those who aren’t saved. I’m not sure about it, but I think from what the Bible says, if they get saved, the pain will stop. Otherwise… you’ve got seven months of torment they have to go through.

The sting area may get infected. I can’t predict what may happen here. I’d wash the injury daily until it heals to make sure the sting doesn’t get infected. don’t worry, the victim literally cannot die during the seven months. After that though… if infection set in, they just might. Keep that from happening.

Radiation burns

I’m going to assume some of what happens in the Tribulation will be nuclear in nature. Your first priority is to stay OUT of exposure to nuclear blasts. That’s a gimme.

If you know the blast is coming… duck and cover. Now, there’s been a lot of idiots that have ridiculed the CD film “duck… and cover!” Yet, it’s good advice if you’re a half mile or more from the blast. Protect your eyes, and hide your face from flying debris. The blast apparently lasts for several minutes. You’ll know it’s gone, because you won’t be deafened by the roar anymore, and the wind stopped blowing.

Still alive? Good. Good for you. Now, get off the street and inside a building. Now, you’ve got to worry about fallout. That’s usually about 12 minutes or so after the blast. Expect six minutes just ot be sure. You have to get INSIDE, and now.

I’ve collected a lot of old CD booklets in PDF form talking about materials and radiation. Your best bet is a concrete or stone building – that’s going to be difficult in downtown Chicago, where the buildings are mostly steel and glass in some areas. If that’s all you got, that’s all you got. No, you don’t have very long to find one. Jumping in a car and driving as fast as you can away from the blast for 4 to 5 minutes is a good idea. THEN seek cover immediately in a building.

What is fallout? Fallout is that big blast of flying dirt you get with any explosion. Usually it just falls to the earth immediately. However, topsoil, dirt and dust flung up from a nuclear blast gets VERY high in the atmosphere. It mixes in the clouds… and starts rain. Black rain. DO NOT GET THIS BLACK RAIN ON YOU. If you do… you’re probably going to die within twelve hours.

That’s why you need to get inside. Coinciding with the fallout is the radiation storm. There’s going to be a massive wall of radiation heading your way. Remember this letter…


Move heavy items to form the letter G. You want to be in the inside of that G. Why? Radiation can’t turn corners. it’s a funny thing, but you want to be as protected as possible. Filing cabinets, boxes, office partitions, etc…

Now, stay inside that G for at least an hour, just to make sure. A lot of that radiation will die off in one hour. The critical time is actually 3 hours.

NEXT – Stay in that building for at least 72 hours. Radiation levels should drop off to less than lethal levels within that time.

Ever see the movie “the day after”? Remember what happened when Steve Guttenberg’s character runs outside for only a few minutes during the day of the blast, trying to convince a panicking girl she needs to get back inside? both died within a week, just from being outside the day of the blast. Yes, that’s fiction, but based upon what doctors know about radiation. Stay inside for 73 hours. Hungry I’m sure. Unless you’re in very bad health or already in advanced starvation, you shouldn’t die from hunger in three days. see if the building has vending machines. You’re gonna need them.

more coming soon…

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