There’s a lot of mis-conceptions about fire-starting. There’s a website by a rude, profane man who is very crass – and the info on it will keep you alive. No, not me! But I’ll offer some of his suggestions (well, he put them in the form of rants).

One or two of his suggestions (“rants”) have actually been disproved – the chocolate bar and soda can. Many of us watched Les Stroud do this on TV, and it worked. However, this sage gentleman from his survival website does have a point, which I will paraphrase –

  1. Pack several lighters
  2. Eat the chocolate bar
  3. drink the soda

All that energy spent polishing the bottom of a soda can could be better spent on other things. The point of the Survivorman TV show (Obviously, it’s been quite a while since I watched TV – as a Child of God, I felt that TV was unacceptable to God. By 2009, TV had gotten so profane that I felt it could only hamper my Christian walk) was one of, “If you got caught in a survival situation and were unprepared, how could you survive?”

The point of this website obviously is to educate the newly saved or unsaved person hopefully in the twilight phase between the Rapture and the Second Seal. This is the optimum time to begin preparing. You can still survive at any time in the Tribulation, but obviously the more time you have to prepare.

Waterproof matches: There’s a certain romance to waterproof matches. However, the claim reminds me of smokeless, dripless Chanukah candles. A quick look at any Hannukiah (chanukah menorah) will reveal dried dirty candle wax. The dirty color comes from the smoke as they dripped. Point? There’s a lot of rip-offs in the Survival business. They’ll sell you regular wooden matches, and claim that they’re waterproof. All they did was transfer wood matches from one box to another, add a few dollars, and pocketed your money with a laugh.

They absolutely do not care that they made money possibly at the expense of people’s lives. Make sure you drive by their houses and honk when their drinking water turns to blood in the Third Vial judgment!

Point: Pack lots and lots of packaged Bic lighters. You can buy them by the hundreds from Dollar Trees, Dollar Stores, etc. People lose them all the time. You can actually walk down the road in almost any city and find a cigarette lighter almost every three minutes.

Point: Get a Magnesium Stick. To lay a fire using a Megnesium stick, Strike the stick with a piece of carbon steel, such as a knife. And – get a good Carbon Steel survival knife! (stainless steel will not produce a good spark). This method requires a loose-jointed wrist and practice. When a spark has caught in the tinder, blow on it. The spark will spread and burst into flames.

methods for laying a fire.







  • Use nonaromatic seasoned hardwood for fuel, if possible.

  • Collect kindling and tinder along the trail.
  • Add insect repellent to the tinder.

  • Keep the firewood dry.

  • Dry damp firewood near the fire.

  • Bank the fire to keep the coals alive overnight.

  • Carry lighted punk, when possible.

  • Be sure the fire is out before leaving camp.


I have to laugh, as hint #2 is from the Marine Corps Survival Manual, and the last hint says… “Do not select wood lying on the ground. It may appear to be dry but generally doesn’t provide enough friction.” It directly contradicts #2. Well, that’s the military for you. Run by committee.

fire starting materials:

  • frito corn chips (and Tostitos – yes, I tried it.)
  • cotton balls with petroleum jelly mixed in
  • a plastic spoon will burn for about 10 minutes.
  • Guitar picks (burn rapidly, by the way)

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