Native Americans used to tie feathers to their feet, to erase their tracks.

The Viet Cong used to make sandals from car tires, and all walk in rows. this made it look like cars had driven down the paths, and not human feet.

Why think about these things? Most survival instructions often give info on how to be found. You are trying not to be found. The Antichrist will be looking eventually for all those who oppose his rule, and will not take the mark.

first rule – tell no one. Survival is easier with more than one person. So your group should leave immediately, and go to place number one. You should already have a list of places in mind. all locations should be provided to all the members of the group, and numbered. This way if place #1 is discovered, a simple note “Go to #2!” will tell them everything, but your pursuers nothing!

Pre-marked maps all made at the same time will help a lot. This way the entire group will know where to go. and ensure there’s no deviation between maps.

Move at night. While moving, use flashlights sparingly. Remember, they provide light – for everyone!

Use the daylight to observe, plan, and rest in a hide position.

When moving out of your hiding spot, break up your outline. The use of a Ghillie suit can be done simply – just cut up strips of cloth to form fringe. If in a wooded area, attach short branches with leaves on them to your clothing through straps. In a grassy area, try hay strapped to your body.

Just a note – none of this will do any good if you’re hiding out in a city environment. “Look at that guy crawling down the street with branches stuck to his clothes!”

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