your best bet for clothing is – bring 7 to 10 pairs of everything. Extra underwear and socks, perhaps 14 to 21 pairs. You’ll be glad you did.
hit the thrift stores. Buy just about anything. bulkier is better. Also include some warm weather gear, because I noticed it got up into the 70’s in St. Johns, Quebec this year – and 70 degrees up there no doubt feels like high 90’s here, because you acclimate to the lower temperatures.

My actual best case scenario here is surplus military uniforms. They’re rugged. They tend to last a little longer than fashionable clothes.

t shirts under your clothes help create layers. Perhaps consider thin tactical gloves and regular gloves as well. If not that, those plastic gloves you can get and regular gloves on top.

The idea is, when its cold out, dress in layers. I just stepped outside in bare feet for two minutes, and it’s around 30 degrees outside. I was chilled instantly.

Layers mean if the temperature changes, you can remove a layer.

Boots instead of shoes. Shoes don’t last. Boots don’t last either, but they last longer than shoes – and you’re going to be out there for seven years.

A scarf, Tallis, or Shemagh is recommended. There’s going to be at least one pandemic in the Tribulation, and several possible nuclear exchanges. The idea is you wrap your nose and mouth with them, and keep them covered at all times during those periods.

Hats, gloves, shoes, socks underwear, clothes.

Whew, sorry about the long post.

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