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There’s a lot of mis-conceptions about fire-starting. There’s a website by a rude, profane man who is very crass – and the info on it will keep you alive. No, not me! But I’ll offer some of his suggestions (well, he put them in the form of rants). One or two of his suggestions (“rants”) […]

First Aid

One crucial area we need to deal with is first aid. People are going to be injured and killed in the Tribulation. the Bible prophecies that by the time of Christ’s return, men will be rarer than gold. In the Tribulation, the world population will end up one sixth of what it was at the […]

Groups And Teamwork

One factor that needs to be explored is the Optimal Group. “Experts” have defined the optimal group as being 8 to 12 couples. I have to wonder about that, because that ceases to be a group and starts to be a settlement or company. The Military defines a squad as “the smallest possible unit” – […]

Surviving In Place

This is an option I do not recommend. There are cities with very large structures which COULD provide shelter. Abandoned steel mills, large gravel factories that are abandoned, missile silos, and warehouses all provide possible shelters. The “left Behind” books portrayed some survivors hiding in abandoned office buildings. I think that’s optimistic at best, but […]

Build Up Shelters

TEMPORARY Shelters. Why do you need a temporary shelter? The temporary shelter is for when you first arrive at your base camp. You’ll need to for two or three days, until your more “permanent” shelters are built. AS you’ve probably seen as you read through this site, I advocate a number of shelters. Three are […]

Dig Out Shelters

Remember – if you dig out a shelter, you have to shore up roofs and walls to keep them from collapsing. Use gloves when you dig to keep from getting sores or blisters. Dig outs in the wild are simple – back breaking labor. In the woods, its no joke. Wooded areas have tree roots. […]


There’s a number of different things you may need to keep in mind with shelters. A lot of shelter plans call for using dead foliage (or living foliage is better) to cover or conceal your shelter. That’s great! Except for certain times during the tribulation. During the first Trumpet Judgment, fire will fall from heaven. […]

For The Spiritual Leader

How many of you are going to be finding some pastor’s notes, with a hastily scrawled note “If you find this, consider yourself the next pastor…” A year ago, I’d have laughed at that. Now, as I get closer and closer to the Rapture, it seems more and more like a reality that a number […]


Eventually, you need to get to Israel. Petra, in nearby Jordan, is the place prepared for safety. “And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. 7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the […]


Native Americans used to tie feathers to their feet, to erase their tracks. The Viet Cong used to make sandals from car tires, and all walk in rows. this made it look like cars had driven down the paths, and not human feet. Why think about these things? Most survival instructions often give info on […]