Bug Out Bag

Just a thought. When people get to a shelter, they tend to unpack everything from their bug out bag like its a hotel room. Then if you get discovered, you’ll have no time to pack, and run off leaving all their supplies in one spot. Alive, but with nothing, facing starvation and death from exposure.

Another thought: I have become aware of the Altoids snobs. These people try to tell you that a bug-out bag is too much stuff to carry, and “All you need to survive can fit in an Altoids can.” They must be on some kind of medication or seriously deluded. How is that Altoids can going to help you survive a winter in Idaho, Montana, Canada, Alaska??? There are times of the year – usually winter – when there is no game to hunt. No fish to eat. Show your Altoids can to an Inuit Native and try to tell them that line. He’ll tell you that you must be crazy.

Get in the habit of repacking your BOB.

When you take something out of the BOB, use it, then repack it. You may actually have the luxury of being able to hide in one spot for several months. don’t let that lull you into complacency! When you do have to move, it will be rapidly, and once you lose all that stuff, that’s it. Remember, without the number of the beast, you will not be able to buy anything!

Get into the habit of checking your BOB.

I can’t count the times I checked my BOB, and most of the supplies in it were expired. So during the time you’re waiting for a clear sign to move, you need to A). get the thing stocked and B). Keep on top of the expiration dates.

How big should the BOB be?

how much can you carry? Here’s the crucial point. If you find a good place to hole up for a long period of time, the more time you have after the Rapture to prepare, get stuff, move stuff, the better off you’ll be. We’re not talking about a “survive a hurricane or earthquake” BOB, we’re talking a “survive the tribulation” BOB. So, enough supplies to last 7 years is not going to happen in a back pack. We’ve even talked about water, because drinkable water is going to be in very short supply for long periods of time. People will die from lack of water.

You’ll need a LARGE supply of stuff, and we talk about this elsewhere. But you need a separate BOB, that IS backpack size, because if you have to cut and run for it, you’ll need something you can throw on your back and head out.

 See my page on the Travois for how to balance needing a lot of stuff, and how to carry it!

Get Fit

In the military in the US and UK, soldiers get used to carrying packs that are 65 lbs or heavier. I’ve heard of missions where soldiers have had to carry 110 lbs of gear.

If you cannot carry a heavy backpack full of necessary supplies – you’re going to die. I can’t sugar coat these words. I’m trying to help you survive as long as possible.

does this mean you’re going to have to carry 65 lbs? I don’t know. You just need to be able to jam enough food and supplies into a good backpack and carry it. Every item adds weight.

I’ll have a page on getting fit soon. It won’t help you that much if you find this late in the Tribulation, but i’ve covered that.

What goes in a Bug Out Bag?

Everything you need to immediately survive… Ultimately its up to you. But here’s what a lot of people consider necessary:

  • water bladder or bottle

  • water purification tablets

  • multitool

  • survival knife

  • food

    • energy or protein bars

    • MRE’s – I can’t believe the large number of affordable MRE’s commercially available. Hopefully Christians around the world were led to help you out in the “Help Them Out” page, and purchased seven of the “One year kits.”

      • I don’t want to be mean or callous here but… Don’t read the reviews on these things. Some woman wrote a review saying, “my child couldn’t abide the taste of several of the flavors.” This is not a sleepover. This is food. This is survival. Get over that quick. They make these things in multiple flavors because for some reason, human beings can’t eat the same thing every day for years on end. If it tastes nasty, swallow it quick, wash it down quickly with water, and brush your teeth immediately after. We’re trying to SURVIVE. If your daughter refuses to eat it, she’ll last maybe 60 to 90 days, depending on age, health, weight, and fitness level. Maybe even less. And then… there’ll be a lot more MRE’s left for you. Explain that to her. Eat or die.

  • compass

  • cooking pot (I have the Swiss Army Mess Kit – absolutely amazing. One complete cooking kit on one small pack – and you can store food in it as you pack it up, reducing bulk).

  • portable stove (may not be needed, depending on your cooking utensils – the Swiss army kit doesn’t require one)

  • heat source.  sterno is the easiest to pack and store.

carrying supplies…

This is going to sound funny but – it used to amaze me watching Survivorman on TV. Why did he feel the need to carry everything? The Travois is a good workable system. Two long tree limbs, strapped together, with branches woven in between it, and DRAG THE STUFF behind you. Better if you can work a strap system on it. A good knapsack with removable straps is your solution. Strap it onto the Travois, and strap the poles across your chest with a belt or two.

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