Survival Rules

Survival Rules

The five rules of survival


  1. Know how to build a shelter
    1. In case you don’t understand, this is paramount in all weather conditions. Most casualties found in deserts, forests, etc. all died for the same reason – exposure. Your body temperature must be maintained.
    2. Your body will attempt to regulate your temperature by any means. Think of it this way. Get too hot, you die. Get too cold, you die.
      1. in heat, by sweating. You can assist your body in a shelter to cool off by spreading your limbs away from your trunk. Get water, get out of the sun.
      2. in the cold, your body will attempt to regulate your temperature by stimulating your muscles to rapidly move. This is called shivering. It’s not hard to figure out what you must do. Get into a shelter. Get warm. Pull your limbs in close to your trunk, the opposite posture of the overheating. You can pack your clothes with DRY objects to help create layers that trap air. Your body will then heat the air and….what a bonus, keep you warm!
    3. STAY DRY. I cannot emphasize this enough. In the cold, this can mean death. Water clings to the body, and absorbs heat. If there IS no heat, it will draw it from your body.
    4. Many people, thanks to the TV Show Survivorman, are aware of the cold weather mantra – “You sweat, you die.” Dress in layers. As you get warm from activity, take off the layers of clothes.
  2. Know how to signal for help
    1. In your case, this is the one rule you may need to neglect. The object here is to stay HIDDEN for as much of the tribulation as possible.
  3. Know what to eat & how to find it
    1. MEAT – this is important. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from eating poisoned squirrel. However, a GREAT many plants are dangerous.
    2. VEGETATION – you must be sure that the vegetation is safe to eat. One can safely chew on blades of grass, but be aware – all this really does is provide tiny amounts of slow energy. Bright berries look good to eat, but many of them will also make you very sick.
    3. AS opposed to the poisoned squirrel, many people have become very ill and some have died eating poisonous plants.
  4. Know how to build and maintain a fire.
    1. Know also how to conceal the light. Light Discipline will be crucial to survival.
  5. Know how to find water and prepare safe water to drink.
    1. I’m going to talk about ways to harvest water. on the water pages. Only in deserts is it hard to find water. If there’s trees, there’s water. Some areas it will be difficult to harvest it – but it’s there.

I’ve read this rule a lot lately – “Two is one, one is none.” Packing one lighter, one knife, one compass does no good if you get to your hide and open the pack to find… it fell out somewhere. Or you try it and it fails. That’s not funny. It can be a death sentence.

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